Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dear Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson why did you really get married??!

No! Really I need to know! Marriage is not a joke,it is hardwork,it is commitment and compromise and if you cannot work at it please stay single!

These two have been married for about two seconds and any little issues they bombard us with it on social media

Yes you two are giving me headaches(hahahahaha) I am tired of them two first toyin removed  MRS from her name and then removed her hubby's photos and then the hubby too said we all should help him to beg because he has been flirting abi what..see what he wrote below..

Ok so Mr Adeniyi seems to not be able to keep it in his pants and is still chasing other women,Just maybe he isnt ready for marriage afterall,The other time he was sorry,now he's sorry too..

Every marriage has issues and if they all came on social media to rant about  it the world would have gone mad! The fans whom he's urging to bed aren't important when he should be begging toyin herself Fans are simply fans,Fans of their work! 

 keep your home out of social media you two and sort out your issues at home! Shikena!

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