Monday, 31 August 2015

Complaints trail Lags Lauryn Hill Concert;Singer showed for a 6pm show at in the morning!

After being a no show last year Lauryn finally made it to Lagos Nigeria for a show at the Eko Hotel and suites.

She however may not be playing any other show here as fans who went out to see her were disappointed .. 

According to reports Ms Lauryn dint begin to perform until about the next morning when  some of the concert goers had home in annoyance

Lauryn Hill

Some Fans said she did alot of Spoken word poetry which is great but she dint really serve the known songs that people loved her for and really came out to see..At least if they waited that long she should sat least had served something good but sadly that wasnt the case.

A funny comment I came across said what were we expecting when Nigeria decides to always  resurrects pensioners to come and perform ..Lol Lauryn isnt that old na and of course she's not alot still popular on the scene..

Anyways its not all bad news as Singer Waje got to meet her Idol Lauryn..  

Waje shares..

Just before the show started a beautiful lady walked up to me telling me how much she loved my music, in her words “we’ve been playing you songs in philly ” , this sister sang the chorus of No Be You and I was blown away by her voice, soon I realized she was Lauryns backup singer. My life changed last night. I cried when Lauryn was performing and thinking, in my life time I see woman wey I use her songs learn work!!!!! She killed it! She gave me music life! So I got home and next thing my phone rings “waje Lauryn wants to meet u? I ran back like I was going to collect the certificate that validates the school of music life I have been in since, she took my hand and I cried all thru…… I’m so sure I embarrassed her but i had to tell her how grateful I am. Thank you Lauryn for music… Long story short, do your own with diligence and authenticity and you will save lives, inspire people to reach their goals as she inspired many singers and musicians. I’m so honored. 

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