Thursday, 20 March 2014

Breaking;Bowen University students riot due to increase in fees and lack of adequate facilities

The Students are said to be rioting and razing down buildings,smashing cars and causing mayhem all over the university campus.

The students are said to be angry because they pay alot of money which gets increased everytime and there are no facilities like water or even electricity for the students to use.

Una get mind die for our time we no fit try am!

Riot at Bowen University (PHOTOS)

Riot at Bowen University (PHOTOS)


  1. Na so o my sista! If U try it U R GONE!- Olagbemiro say so

  2. LOL!!! Make Una Take Am Easy ooooo. Greatest BOwenites!

  3. Thank god u said in our time.....we chop ur money u gone.... we no gt mouth.... I support them with that amount we used to pay and nothing to show for it... Cv go go buy cc to to check when someone is coming to his office when he dey fuck female students. ...BY. ..THEY SHLD break their heads

    1. lol! @break their heads.

      Me am for the motion that there should be amenities on ground for the students,wats the essence of paying exorbitant fees and no access to simple amenities like water?!!

      The rules are quite stiff but we all went through it so rules can always be followed its just the lack of amenities and imposong a feeding time table on the students I am totally against thats not really fair to determine when a University student should eat naaaahh


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