Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Popular Anonnymous Blogger Ladun Liadi reveals herself!;Set to launch Vlog series,watch her first Video..

Ladun Laidi is one of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria and up until now she was anonymous but now we all sure can put a face to the blogger behind Ladun Laidi's blog!

She is set to also launch her own vlog series starting this new year Check out her first video below..

Hmmm Ladun omo dudu ton dan! This your make up your laughter na die!


  1. abeg I would advise her to stick to her blog and acquire more communication skills before starting a vlog.

    1. lol! maybe she is doing that before the next vlog which will officially be the kick off this is just to tell you guys she will be vloging soon I think..


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