Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Movie review;I watched Desperatehousegirls,6 reasons why you should too!

So first impression is what kind of title is that?! for months I kept stalling in watching cos I just judged the film by its title but I eventually watched and I am glad I did

Its an averagely good story that deals with a very touchy subject "Maids" I mean we have either in one way or the other or at one point in our lives lived with maids,hired them or have had to deal with them in some way or the other.

Desperate housegirls deals with this topic addressing the way society is segregated and how the maids often times feel their bosses are rich and as such look down on them and also want "in" on what their rich bosses enjoy.

So lets look at 6 reasons why you would want to watch

1)Refreshingly new faces:

We are all tired of all these recycled faces even if we dont say so.with new faces like Mary Lazarus,Tamara Etiemo,Keneth Okolie and just a few of the known ones like Ini Edo and Desmond Elliot made this movie so refreshing. With seamless dialogue,appropriate mannerisms, and good command of English DH is worth having a look at!

2)Tamara Eteimo is a Star :

Yes she won Next movie star but I dont think she has been given the exposure that her talent deserves and DH sure portrays her talent and gives her alot of room to shine.


With lots of humorous and dramatic moments DH is sure to keep you wanting more..

4)Good Technicalities:

Lighting,props,location and all that shenanigans on point!

5)Very Good casting/acting

I am not sure if this credit should be given to the director alone but every cast member did an absolute good job! despite most of the cast being relatively new they were all fantastic!

6) Top message:

the Issue of maids may have been overflogged but this movie looks at another angle from the perspective of the maids,their mindset and what often times makes them turn and want to eat from Madam's "plate"

Overall it shows that in as much as evil may thrive for a while and get you immediate benefits,..being good,being diligent,hardworking and being nice to others are still nice traits to have and it would pay on the long run.

DH gets a 3.5 rating from me

Alrite then you can watch it for  free Here!

would love to hear your thoughts..

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