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Shallie'sPurpleBeehive Exclusive interview with Nollywood's Next Big thing Blossom Chuks Chukwujekwu

Yayyyy!!! Its my first celebrity interview and am I excited or what!. #Youdontevenknow lol..

Blossom is a breath of fresh air in the Nollywood terrain at the minute,he is a Fantastic actor who has come into his own and is taking over our screens even before we know it.

From appearing in Africa's biggest soap Tinsel and one of the biggest Nigerian films of 2013 "Flower Girl" Blossom's Career can only be said to be blossoming! Pardon my play upon words lol..

So I got in there for an interview hope you enjoy!!

SPBHi Blossom could we meet you?? who is Blossom??

Blossom: I am a sold out New Creation! A proud Nigerian from Otolo Nnewi North in Anambra state. A passionate cinephile(a film or movie enthusiast,a person very passionate about Cinema). Die hard Arsenal fan. an actor, entrepreneur. There's a lot more just make do with these..

SPB: Ohh I see! ; so what's your background, family,education and how you found your way into acting?(How did your parents feel about you becoming an actor were they supportive??)

Blossom: I'm the 1st of two nations, by that I mean men. Lol. Born in Benin City, Edo state where I had most of my education. Obtained my Bsc. In Mass Communication from Benson Idahosa University. My family has been more than supportive, even though at the beginning mum didn't like the idea. But she came through soon enough. They've held me up all these years.

SPB:Coming into the Industry was it tough having to deal with the bigger stars,I mean being on productions with them did it give off any fear in you, you know some big stars could be egotistical lol..or is it not so?? any tough experiences

Blossom: First of all Fear is not real! It's a product of thoughts you create. It's a choice. I have always known my worth. That puts everything else in perspective for me. It certainly always is a great privilege and honour not just to finally meet your screen idols but even a lot better to star alongside them. But at the end of the day we all have a job to do; to act. They've all been quite pleasant and receptive. I think a lot of times people forget that they are also human beings with their own challenges, worries, needs, hustle and so on. It's quite harsh to tag them 'egoistical'

SPB : Truethat! What really attracts you in a Script,like you may just see a script and be like I want to be on that! Is there anything you look out for or does it just happen you love the script and just really want to work on it?

Blossom: You know when you see a good script just like when you see a naturally gifted actor, director, musician or even footballer. It has to have a pretty strong message because as actors we are the interpreters of truth. Story has to be really good and very well written. If a script can't evoke images then it has failed. A good script is easy to read flowing from one scene to the other, not confusing the reader.

SPB: Fantastic! which leads me to my next question, How has it been for you so far?? most challenging roles and favourite roles so far??

Blossom: It's been a pretty amazing journey I must say. God has graced me tremendously beyond measure and words. For that I'm really grateful. I'm still quite young on here, just four years #GratitudeIsMyAttitude!

Each role has come with it's own unique challenges, especially with the fact that I personally never want to interpret any of my characters similarly, no matter how alike they might seem. There must be a distinct difference. I think the most challenging so far would be playing 'Reginald Orji': a near 40 year old journalist in the yet to be released VALOUR. Favourite would be 'Tunde Kulani' in FLOWER GIRL.

SPB:  Right! So What are your Ideals about being in Nollywood,what do you really stand for? would you rather do say 20 standard quality films in a year or do a 100 just to be relevant?

Blossom: Relevance doesn't come from quantity but quality because a lot of times with quantity it's just the numbers, no substance, no depths. But with quality even in limited numbers the richness of substance will out last the highest numbers. That's why you can still totally enjoy SCAREFACE 30years after or even THE GODFATHER after 41years. I can give you a long list of people with numbers under their belt and are irrelevant even today. But take Kunle Afolayan for example you can see the progress in quality from Irapada to Figurine to Phone Swap and off course October 1st. I choose to remain QUALITATIVE.

SPB: Thats good to know.. now lets move on to the juicy questions our readers will be very interested in;  Relationship with females in the Business,who is your Ideal on-screen romantic partner?

Blossom : I've got some really great female colleagues who have believed in me through the years. Everyone comes with their unique individuality and that makes each partner special

SPB: Brings me to my next question,you were in one of the biggest romantic films this year thats Flower Girl,How was it like for you?? acting alongside Damilola Adegbite?

Blossom: I'm MOST blessed and grateful for Flower Girl. It's been a ride on the high after that. It's such a beautiful movie obviously with great reviews from the theatrical releases in Nigeria, Ghana and currently UK. It was a really great experience with Chris, Bikiya, Eku and off course Dami. She's just a sweet heart. Very professional to the core as were the other actors. Working with people who understand the vision of the project and are totally committed to doing everything to make sure it's achieved, you couldn't ask for more.

SPB: Has acting been rewarding? Fame? more opened doors?

Blossom:Oh well, it's a process and each year just keeps getting better with new levels of recognition and open doors. It's a lot different from music where with one or two tracks you can become a household name. Here you need as many released and well distributed works to get you there. We are on it #WeGoHard! Immensely grateful to God.

SPB: So what do you like to do in your free time?? I reckon you do not get a lot of free time though?? Likes,Dislikes Hobbies?

Blossom: I don't want no free time now #EmpireStateOfMind! #WorkFlow! I do lots of TV and books. Don't go out too much.

SPB: Lol! So what do you think your personality is perceived as I mean your name kind of gives you away as a romantic person (laughter) I mean I hear Blossom and I think roses,flowers lol.. so are you a romantic??

Blossom: lol... Errrm...well I  think the true study and understanding of a woman's immeasurable worth helps the proper perception of this whole concept of romance. See for yourself

SPB: Yikes #Deepchat lol.. Am sure all the ladies wanna know this now is Blossom married?Single or Just  simply off the market??

Blossom: Single not searching

SPB: Ladies Y'all heard he is single but he inst actually searching. Ermmm.. yes no search party to be organised yet.

SPB:So what are you thoughts on the development of Nollywood especially the Cinema Culture which is just catching on now??

I'm excited for Nollywood. These are pretty exciting times for us. A thousand flowers are blooming in our visual narrative space, right now. Nigerian cinema is redefining itself. We are growing, rather slow but we're making progress. The days of Nollywood just being admired for quantity are coming to an end and the wave of quality from New Nigerian Cinema is coming in.  I feel blessed and privileged to be part of the movement that's ushering in this new phase, with great gratitude to those who paved the way for us. 

Regardless of what might be said, they put us on the map. But things are changing. It's a culture that's gradually being rejuvenated. Our movies are opening in theatres in and outside Nigeria. Those who refuse to change with the tides will be left behind. As film makers we have a whole lot to do to see that this is sustained and progressive. There's still so much to be done. There needs to be a shift in mindset. We must  unlearn and relearn the techniques of the new school. You can’t be a part of the New Nigerian Cinema revolution while taunting the skills you haven’t bothered to upgrade since 1990. 

We need more daring and creative folks – people who will challenge the status quo, and feel confident that regardless of budgetary constraints – they can compete globally in terms of quality cinema – from story, plot, characterization, to production. It's time to consolidate. There's so much money to be made in this $800 million industry. I believe in Nollywood! I believe in Nigeria! I believe in Africa!

SPB: Another #Deepchat moment that was; I quite Agree Nollywood is moving forward rapidly and change and development is sure catching up steadily. Any Role Models in the business??

Blossom: Definitely! Ramsey Noauh, Majid Micheal, Daniel Dey-Lewis, Marlon Brando, Will Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio.

SPB:Some great names there! any new Projects you working on?? what next to expect from Blossom,Plans for the future??

Blossom: Bigger and better projects in the works. There's a new movie premiering soon: Finding Mercy, with Rita Dominic, Chioma Akpotha, Uti Nwachukwu, Desmond Elliot, Aunty Abiola Segun Williams. There's also Valour, Cobra, The Mirror, Commandment 7, The Undertaking, Festac Town, The Return, MTV Base Shuga, Knocking on Heaven's Door and a lot more coming soon.

Blossom Chukwujekwu

Blossom Chukwujekwu

Blossom Chukwujekwu

SPB: Waohhh seems there's alot for us to look forward to.. Lastly any Advise for aspiring actors/Actresses who are looking to pitch their tents with Nollywood?

Blossom: With God you can achieve anything, fuel your passion, Focus gives you direction, discipline yourself to hustle hard, consistency is guaranteed progress, humility opens door, listen so you'll learn and be better, your network is your next big project, compete ONLY with yourself. Be versatile

SPB: Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to more projects appearances from you. All the very best!

Blossom: Thanks for having me. God bless you.

I hope you have enjoyed this interview as much as I did you can follow Blossom on twitter @BCChuks.

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