Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What!!!!Dbanj & Wandecoal have baby mamas and love children!!??

This is the photo that was posted on famzin.com along with the news article reporting that D'banj had fathered a baby with one of these five women.

hmmmm.y'all at Famzin seem to have some world exclusive scoop. According to a report by the Famzin website, Dbanj had reportedly fathered a child with one of the women pictured above..

Which particular one isnt clear at the moment or if at all there is actually any child or babymama at all.
But this site believes it has to be one of these women.

Well Thenetng was able to communicate with Dbanj and he vehementky denied the reports saying "I do not have a child so it is a capital NO"

Wande on the other hand is said to have fathered a love child 5 years ago,the baby mama reported to be Dbanj's Mum's Former house help yepa!

He reportedly welcomed the child around when his hit album Mushin to Mohits dropped

Another juicy part of this "expose" is that the owner of the website Famzin.com which shared this wonderful news with us all is a former friend(Ike Orizu)associate of Dbanj wande and DonJazzy which just makes you begin to think well then this must be true..

Well whatever the case guys a child is a gift embrace it and be thankful.Ice prince,Wizkid,Timaya all have baby mamas and love children and that hasn't stooped their success or has it??


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