Friday, 25 October 2013

Messy Battle;Brymo Vs Chocolate city whose side are you on??+ see copy of Legal injunction against Brymo

So Its stale now that Brymo was once with Audu Maikori's chocolate city Label,he left after some unsettled issues that seem to be coming back to hunt him

Brymo has been accused of opting out of his contract without fulfilling his legal obligations. His contract reportedly extends till 2016 and he is legally bound to choc. City till then.#

This in layman's terms means Brymo cannot or shouldnt not be working under any orgamnisation or in any capacity as an artist till 2016 because he had signed that right to choc city when he signed with them.

See his tweets below..

Meanwhile Brymo's album hit the streets today see copies of the Injunction below..


Brymo three options I think you have now get a lawyer and match up to them there could be a loophole or clause that could get you off that a lawyer can spot(which I doubt because Audu is actually a lawyer as well) or head to choc city and sort it all out once and for all or just simply Ignore them which I doubt you can do since legal stuff is involved So I guess the first two options are the available options please do so and save you career in time.

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