Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Has Technology gone too far?? Would you wear a tweeting bra; a bra that actually tweets!

The Tweeting Bra, pictured, was created by Nestle Fitness to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month.

 This Bra  comes with a Bluetooth device on the clasp that sends a tweet whenever its unhooked.

Created by Nestle Fitness,It has been designed to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month after figures suggest women don't check their breasts often enough for lumps.

Each time Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimus unhooks the clasp, a tweet is sent automatically to remind women to check their breasts as part of Breast Cancer Awareness .Maria Bacodimou (@mariabacodimou) one of the most popular TV presenters in Greece has very willingly joined the  mission and will be wearing a tweeting bra for two weeks. Every time Maria unhooks the bra it will automatically post a tweet.

Every time our bra is unhooked, it sends a signal to a cell phone, the cell phone notifies a server, and the server generates the tweet…as simple as that! It’s the first and only bra that tweets with a mission to remind you one thing you should never forget: your monthly breast self exam!

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The bra's clasp is fitted with a sensor that contains a Bluetooth transmitter. When the clasp is unhooked and the connection is broken, it sends a signal to the user's mobile device.
This then generates an automated tweet, which is sent from the Twitter account @tweetingbra. A translated version of the tweet says: 'Don't forget to check your breasts women #tweetingbra.'

'That's why Fitness has introduced a new ally in the fight against breast cancer - the Tweeting Bra.
'The first bra that can actually tweet.
'Each time I unhook it, the bra sends a tweet automatically, reminding women of their breast self-examination.
'Our mission? To deliver the life-saving message to everyone.'
The bra is not for sale and Nestle said it has no plans to make it available to consumers.

You can check out the tweeting bra website Here! plus of course check them out on Twitter @Tweeting bra

This Bra go sell well for Naija ohhh awon Runs babes won gbe! lol!

Check out the Video Illustration below.. But Ermmmmm sorry its not in English..

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