Monday, 28 October 2013

Fast Rising act Kokoma burns 42 Million Naira Escalade for music video shoot!

How Kokoma Burnt A 42 Million Naira SUV and her secrete relation with Iyanya

I have honestly never heard of this artiste until now.. but it seems she likes to court a lot of controversy, from been rumoured to have "slept in " Iyanya's bed or actually being in  a relationship with him,spending over 100,000,000 on her music video and lots more.

She cleared the air in a recent interview..

Excerpts below

"Splash Magazine: rumors are flying around, that you are having a secret affair with Iyanya

@iamkokoma: I don’t know where these rumors are coming from, but yes I was in London weeks ago, I have couple of properties and businesses in London, so i practically shuffle between Nigeria and London, but I can’t confirm my relationship with Iyanya for now. (Smiles) let’s keep some things a secret.
Splash Magazine: We learnt you just shot a video for a song titled:MY INNER and you spent 85,000,000 on the video itself.

@iamkokoma: well I had a budget of a 100,000,000 Naira for it, I wanted to shoot the most expensive video in Nigeria and also show real images. I bought a brand new Escalade for 42 million naira and during the video shoot, we burnt it… completely. It was part of the video scene. It was really exciting and brave of me to have taken these steps. Basically we shot 2 videos for two new singles in both Lagos and Australia.
Funny thing about this two songs is that a few months back I met wyclef and Akon, wyclef told me he’s gonna do a remix on it that he loves it, am sure he’s pulling my legs but its ok. I want you guys to listen to the both songs and tell me what you think. The videos would be out soon.

Splash Magazine: whats your relationship with wyclef and Akon?

@iamkokoma: well over the years I have consulted for wyclef over real estate matters. Met Akon couple of times and we became friends over time. By the way he sooo loves Nigerian music, he listens to MI, 2face, El Dee and surprisingly he knows King Sunny Ade."

Chai!!! 85m for a Video?? artistes are stepping up abi?? am sure we will all be waiting to watch the Video.
 In the mean time listen to 2 of her singles below

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