Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dear Laura Ikeji what are you doing to your sister Linda Ikeji??


So we all know who Linda Ikeji is Naija number one blogger who has been able turn things around for her self and become a multi millionaire  from  selling ad spaces on her blog to companies artistes and the likes well  thats stale story.

Laura is her feisty dance choreographer sister.On one hand Linda is a gossip blogger but shes extremely private but her sister often puts her out there starting twitter battles on her behalf (both the necessary and unnecessary ones) If you want to know where Linda has been on a weekend or night out,whom she was with,what she wore and probably what she ate you just need to browse Laura's twitter and Instagram pages.

Linda was in Dubai over the weekend with her sisters and she obviously went shopping and guess  who put all her business out there again?? have a look..

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Linda has worked hard to earn her money and as such you work hard you enjoy big time right?? but is all this necessary?? Linda herself isnt particularly doing all these herself but her sister is.begs the question is Linda encouraging this?? or should her sister really be called to order??

Or better still lets just say its the celebrity life,afterall other celebs also show off their largesse and latest purchases shey??


  1. Nothing has value if no one knows about it; it becomes a hidden treasure that is as good as non existing one.

    It's only poor people or rich people with poor mentality that always hide what they have. Everything is necessary because the value of money lays on what they can buy.

    Stop following the examples of chief politicians who always hide while spending their loots. We all know what Dangote, Bill Gates and co worth, they don't hide their wealth because that is the value of wealth - to flaunt and make history with it. Spending and hiding only belongs to the primitives.

    Again, there is difference between high quality items and low quality ones. Those items aren't costly for nothing, they are some of the highest quality.

    Your prayer should be to get there, not to advice someone who is already there to lay low!

    1. Hi Thank you for your comment but lemme enlighten you abit..

      you mentioned Dangote and Bill Gates let me correct you that they do not flaunt theior wealth in anyway and the only reason why most of know about their worth is because of people like Forbes.

      Dangote and Bill Gates spend Billions and Billions on charity every year and I stand to be corrected that they actually flaunt their wealth in peoples's faces.

      You mentioned Politicians that hide isnt it sad that you as a Nigerian will think it is in any way Okay for Politicians to steal and loot from us and still openly spend and flaunt it in our faces..

      Its good to be successful and enjoy the benefits of your hardwork but Nobody ever went Wrong threading with Caution

  2. I have never seen such primitive,stupid, low life attitude as this exhibited by Laura. Infact I blame Linda for not calling her to order. How can she do this? What part of the planet are these siblings from? Fancy even publicizing receipts of purchase? *smh*. And if they kidnap your parents tomorrow , you will start complaining when you have shown the world you have money( which anyway, you don't). Am still appalled and speechless........who does dis?cant believ this... And for Omeh, how can you possibly say ppl should flaunt what they have?do u seriously mean that? For your own sake I hope u were joking

    1. @Anonymous right on sentiments exactly..

      Thanks for stopping by x


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