Thursday, 10 October 2013

About Okwudilli Umenyiora and that "Most expensive Nigerian Mansion" everyone is talking about

So Images of the house pictured above surfaced online about yesterday with everyone wanting to know who owned such awesome edifice

well lets meet Okwudili umenyiora..

Well from reports online Okwudili is a jailbird with lots of previous arrests and is probably still wanted by the US for cheque and credit card fraud.

He was reportedly released in 2006 for volunteering some quality information to the US government authorities.

Okwudili who is said to be from a royal line of family also has ties with Naeto C's wife Nicole.

Years later after his whole US ordeal and all the big bank fraud he allegedly perpetrated,dude heads back to Nigeria to spread his wings..

 Pictured with Wife

 Customized Choice cars,a thriving automobile company (Dilly Motors Lekki) appearances on red carpets and events, even has a Nigerian Policeman escort for his car, and that mansion that got people taking this week all owned by this person.

People have been celebrating tapping into his blessing and all sorts.. Well are you also going to celebrate the mediocrity that our society has become where we applaud corrupt politicians,Individuals who loot the future of our unborn kids,and even now someone who blatantly used Nigeria's name as a country to perpetuate bank check fraud running into hundred thousands of Dollars walking free with National escorts rubbing his largesse in your faces..

I ask are you also going to celebrate?? well its your choice!

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