Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Scandal; Skuki's Vavavoom in nude picture Scandal..

Skuki is a group of two brothers with hit tracks like ermmmmm whats that their hit track again??( still thinking cant remember)

Anyway one of  them is sha Vavavoom and the other is Peshawn or so..well one of them sha was reportedly sexting(a word for when a person texts another person on the subject of sex which often involves exchange of nude pictures) a certain girl and Vavavoom actually "DID" the girl for about 3 months and then dumped her! Yikes a woman scorned is like...

So girl went ahead to release their munched chats with his nude you know what..

Then Skuki (vavavoom) went on twitter to deny what he claims he dint do.. see tweets..

Ehehen you are waiting for picture abi??  too explicit for here,strictly 18 oh!!oya click Here! and Here!

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