Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Covenant University’s Former Vice-Chancellor Suspended For Examination Fraud..

According to Sahara Reprters The Vice -Chancellor of one of Nigeria's Top Private Universities Covenant University's Prof Aize Obayan has been suspended on allegations of Examination fraud and Malpratice.

"Professor Aize Obayan, a former Vice Chancellor of Covenant University, Ota has been suspended from her position as director of the Education Commission of the Winners Chapel by the church’s general overseer, Bishop David Oyedepo. Ms. Obayan was suspended for reportedly altering examination results for several students in the department of Mass Communications. Among the students who benefited from the former VC’s grade alteration was Ms. Obayan’s own daughter. The former VC was accused of perpetrating the academic fraud during her tenure.

The former VC’s daughter graduated with a Second Class Upper Division in Mass Communication and is currently doing her National Youth Service Corps service. A source at the university revealed that Ms. Obayan inflated all of her daughter’s scores, otherwise the young woman would have earned a Third Class degree.

Our source added that the former VC had re-introduced make-up examination without proper authorization – and after the university’s Senate had abolished the option. “She introduced make-up exam to enable her daughter [to] retake the course she failed,” said a source.

Recently, a Dr. Omojola, a lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, petitioned the Chancellor of the University after his first protest was suppressed by the then VC. In his protest, Mr. Omojola alleged that Nnamdi Ekeanyanwu, the acting Head of Department of Mass Communication, had engaged in extensive alteration of students’ examination results. The petition led to Mr. Ekeanyanwu’s removal as Head of Department. Dr. Stanley Ngoa replaced him, but spent only the 2011-2012 session at the helm, before the former VC reappointed Dr. Ekeanyawu to return as departmental head.

Our source indicated that, with Dr. Ekeanyanwu’s return, the fraudulent practice of grade alteration worsened in the Mass Communication Department and across other departments of the university, including Chemistry where one student’s score was raised to 45% from 5 %, an outright failure. Associate Professor Taiwo Abioye, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, headed a panel appointed by the Chancellor, Professor C.K. Ayo, to investigate the case. Dr. Ekeanyanwu was summoned by the panel to defend himself on charges of altering examination scores of students, including Miss Obayan, for monetary benefits. He not only accepted his guilt for all the charges, but also confessed that he acted in collusion with the former VC, Professor Obayan.

Ms. Obayan was also invited to appear before the Abioye panel, but she reportedly offered no defense.

Pastor Faith Oyedepo, wife of Bishop Oyedepo, has taken over the duties of Ms. Obayan at the church’s secretariat. SaharaReporters learned that plans were underway to return Dr. Daniel Rotimi to the Education Commission. Mr. Rotimi was a one-time registrar of the University. SaharaReporters learned that Mr. Rotimi, who is a pastor, last year married a second wife (a former student at Covenant University) in his quest for a male child. He and his first wife had only girls. A lecturer at Covenant University told SaharaReporters that he wondered whether the university could really realize its much touted claim of raising a new generation of African leaders when top officials at the school offer examination grades for sale?"

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  1. I guess this call to question the certificate of most of the university's product during her tenure...sad I must say.

    1. You may be right Lara but just maybe not all maybe some as some people would def still have done some credible work..

  2. I think Sahara reporters should verify their story, the story would have made sense if they didn't metion that a SENIOR pastor in Winners got married to 2 wives, a worker dares not try it talk more of a pastor, when Bish Oyedepo is still alive he would have erased the pastors name from winners history the moment that happened.

    1. and have you verified that their story isnt Genuine either?? we can only hope that the school at least does some thorough Investigation and clears its name.If these allegations are baseless I should think Sahara would apologize..

  3. Anno 16.05: the fact that Sahara Reporters mentioned the Pastor's name even made d whole thing very interesting, cos they are putting it in their (Winners' Chapel as a whole) faces!
    I went to a private univ and graduated more than half a decade ago, the thing is, we can't hide away from d truth, most of the certificates given to some graduates of these schools need to be questioned!
    If a Former VC and a Director of Education could do this, then why blame Lecturers if such a thing happens??


    1. I pray that Sanity returns to our Education system I mean if Private Universities that we think are free of corruption is Witnessing this! Then where is the Hope??

      Thanks alot for stopping by... x


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