Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Caption this Photo Linda Ikeji Vs Eku Edewor..

Linda ikeji Vs Eku Edewor

These two ladies were recently photographed at Tiwa Savage's Album listening party.

I really dont understand their looks so I Imagine Eku is like " See this girl that is always writing about everybody,if only I can know what she is planning as she is sitting beside me now maybe am next for those her Libers to lash oh GOD am so sad how did i sit down here now,Tiwa do and finish singing sharp sharp."

And Linda be like " See this yellow paw paw forming levels,no worry na my Libers go finish you for me just wait and see"

Lol.. add your own funny captions in the comment section..

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  1. Eku is like wow I no go shake body today else dis linda go use me shine. Linda is feeling like she's d boss.

    1. @Anon lol..as in this picture is so pregnant with meaning i swear..you cant begin to fathom what they wer thinking lol..

      Keep em coming guys..


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